Тест по английскому языку

Тест по английскому языку

Part 1 Elementary

1. Carol _________ very tall.

2. What films _________

3. I ___________ my friends at the weekend.

4. What ___________ at the moment?

5. I _____________ my car and drove home.

6. How _____________ money did you spend yesterday?

7. I ____________ agree with John.

8. A: Good evening. May I take your order? B: Yes. We ____________ grilled chicken, please.

Part 2 Intermediate

9. I saw him yesterday but I ____________ to him.

10. We ___________ to go to bed soon. We’ve got a very busy day tomorrow.

11. My grandmother is very nervous because she ___________ before.

12. If I ______________ you I wouldn’t buy that car.

13. I wish I _________________ talk to her.

14. Jane _______________ tennis when she slipped and broke her leg.

15. My boss has had a bad cold ______________ a week.

16. The Winter Palace is really worth ___________

17. When you heat water to 100?C, it _____________

Part 3 Upper-intermediate

18. Could you phone the hotel and ask them to sort _____________ the problem?

19. She ______________ the book before she gave it back to her friend.

20. You’ve dropped your pen. ____________ for you.

21. I’m _____________ only child in the family.

22. As long as I have enough money _____________ the bills, I’m perfectly happy.

23. There is ____________ tea left – would you like another cup?.

24. If we __________ a taxi, we wouldn’t have been late for the meeting.

25. ____________ spending her childhood in a village she does not know much about the country.

26. Their marriage is really sucsessful. Next year they ___________ for 25 years.

27. It’s no use _____________ it. They will never find a solution.

Part 4 Advanced

28. Not only _______________ the whole house but she also made alll the necessary arrengements for the trip.

29. The detective remembered _____________. Marta that evening at the party so she had an alibi and couldn’t be the murderer.

30. _____________ of them went to the trouble of contacting us.

31. ___________ being chosen for the part, she wasn’t able to control her emotions and burst into tears.

32. Remember ____________ this matter with him tommorrow. It can’t wait another week.

33. Humans _____________ inhabited this cave a long time ago, although there is no physical evidence of this.

34. It is ____________ more interesting to visit places which are off the beaten track.

35. Hardly ___________ closed the door when somebody started knocking on it.

36. Only after he updated his skills ___________ to get a job.