Do you speak Russian? 

Our learning center has a vast experience in teaching Russian as a foreign language
Studying is done with different goals in mind: 
  • Russian for a simple daily communication use  
  • business Russian  
  • survival Russian
  • Russian with a specific industry - professional /technical lingo
  • Russian literature
  • Russian history 
The teaching program is based on authentic Russian learning study written and audio materials The program emphasis is on developing easy speaking abilities, understanding when spoken to and use of the lingo in professional situations.
Cultural programs are combined with events that make you acquainted with real Russia of the present & the past.
You can become an actor in Russian theatre, try village-life, make a safari of your own.
Active use of various games during the course of the program -help students to excel in sometimes difficult Russian grammar.Each course provides real-life case studies (what about getting out for a walk for some practice? ) - the choice depends on the student.
There is a possibility of a teacher traveling to student location to conduct the lessons.
Lessons schedule and program duration is also tailored to accommodate the student needs and availability.
Program's payment schedule can be arranged at the beginning and is flexible to meet client's billing requirements.
We are glad to provide a wide range of excursions.
See you soon!

 Summer 2011


Course№ Group classes Program Number of classes per week Price per person per week

Number of students

Location Make an order
 1 Light 10  155€ 4max in a group  metro st. Vladimirskaya
 2 Standard 20  200€ 4max in a group  metro st. Vladimirskaya
 3 Intensive 30  255€ 4max in a group  metro st. Vladimirskaya
 Course№ Individual classes Program Number of classes per week  Price per week  

Number of students

 4 1lesson 1  18€  Individual  Student location
 5 Light  10  177€  Individual  Student location
 6 Standard 20  350€  Individual  Student location
 7 Intensive  30  515€  Individual  Student location
 Course№ Combined classes Program  Number of classes per week  Price per week  

Number of students

8 Combined 10+10

10 group classes + 10 individual classes

 325€  group + individual

 metro st. Vladimirskaya - walks - student location


We have tutors who can teach Russian for foreigners in your native languge (Finnish, Spanish, French,German, etc.)- not only in English language. And it makes you progress faster.

We can provide the visa support & accomodation.
Types of accomodation: all of our accommodation are of the highest quality and are located close to the centre
  • Living with a Russian family is an integral part of the language learning experience for the students and provides the opportunity to practice the language and experience Italian life and customs. All of our families are selected based on quality and reliability.
  • Small family-style hotel located in the centre, the price is possible by the request.
  • Luxury hotel

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